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If you share our concern for the welfare of the veterans from all three Services of H.M. Forces then you will be more than welcome in the Riders’ Branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland. 
We are a large group of some 750 bikers drawn in the main from the Highlands and Islands in the North to the Lowlands and Borders in the South.  Our principal aim is to raise monies through our own charity “Voices for Veterans” and then to pass them on to other Service related charities.  We are a non-political organisation and it matters not whether you are or were a member of the three Services.  However one thing we do have in common is a love of motor bikes (big or small) scooters (all sizes) trikes and quads. Our members meet and ride sometimes as a group and at other times as individuals to support our fund raising efforts.
Come and join us – we are more than a motor cycle club - we are different and the difference is - we ride for pleasure and a purpose.

Mick McEvoy